Amy is an extra girl of the 12 girls.

 She has never been in the hospital like Madeline and Chloe have. Amy appears in all the episodes. She never appears in the 1998 film. Just like all the girls, Amy is also afraid of tigers her friend was twelve little girl Pepito & sugar dimple


She Was Cute Cheerful Playful little girl who afraid of tigers & mouse she have a pet cat name Charlotte she was sweet as honey she was made of sugar spide & everything Nice


She was tall like the other she have a hair just like nona her hair was shiny like a sun & she have light skin


She Was Born on july 12

She have blonde hair like honey

Her favorite color is Lavender

Her favorite food is Cupcake Chocolate Marshmallow Ice cream Lemonade & waffle Strawberry with whisp cream

She like going a amusment park a zoo & playing with madeline & her friend

She was afraid of tiger

Her hair look like nona



We Love our bread we love our butter but most the all we love each other


Hello Everyone my name is Alexandira but you call me amy