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Chloe Madeline




All the girls, Pepito


All the episodes

Hair color:

Brown (Original series) Orange (Season 1, Madeline in Tahiti)

Voice actors

Tara Strong, Anik Matern, Vanessa King, Veronika Sztopa, Shannon Chan Kent

Chloe is one of the twelve little girls. She is close to Madeline and is considered second in command of the group, replacing Madeline if she isn't around.



Chloe has black eyes and fair skin, with long, carrot-orange (later on appearing dull orange-brown) hair. Like the others, she wears a blue dress with white accent and a yellow hair ribbon, or a yellow dress with white gloves, collar, and socks, worn with a yellow hat that has a black ribbon on it to match her shoes.


Chloe takes on the role of a big sister, and cares deeply for Madeline. She is thoughtful towards her needs and often worries over her. Like Madeline, she also possesses good detective skills and can be a leader in times of need.


  • She can play the flute, and the violin.
  • She was the second girl to go to the hospital, after she broke her right arm.
  • She has a good sense of smell.


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