Madeline (2)
Vital Statistics
Name Danielle
Gender Female
First Episode Appearance Madeline
Voice Actress  Unknown (1989)

Liz MacRae (1990-1991)

Kelly Sheridan (1993-1995)

Tracey Lee Smyth (1995-2000)

Chantal Strand (2000-2002)

Brittney Irvin (2002-2007)

Ashleigh Ball (2007)

Danielle is one of the twelve little girls. Out of all of them, she was close with Madeline, along with Nicole and Chloe.


Danielle is a worry-wart over things (similar to the character Henry the Big Green Engine in the CGI version of Thomas & Friends) and when stressed out or concerned, she is likely to start crying.


Danielle is a girl with fair nose skin, and a fluffy, thick dark brown hair that lightened over the course of the series.



  • She loves pretty things, such as shoes and clothes.