Newmadeline (2)
Vital Statistics
Name Janine
Gender Male
Vegetable/Fruit Scallion (onion)
First Episode Appearance The Story of Madeline
Voice Actor John "Michael" Willson (Rainbow Buddies presents)

Janine is one of the twelve little girls.


Janine is the only child of the twelve little girls. In early life of Tampa Bay city. He's the only smartest green onion cousin of Danielle who disgusting himself as a girl from Paris, France that marks her appearances in the very first fresh 3D animated video series, "The Rainbow Buddie: All Stories in One".


She is one of the characters who rarely speak in the series along with Nona and Ellie.

In Madeline and the Marionettes, she was actually the one who suggested to clean the toioets and do more chores to waste more time to not to have their daily walk as they're afraid of the "evil" puppeteer.

She loves doing household chores as seen in Madeline and the Marionettes and Madeline and the Ice Skates.

She also loves to daydream as shown in the same episode. In Madeline on Stage she got the role of the Witch.


Like his cousin, Danielle, Janine is a born green onion with a dark brown fluffy hair, with darkened over the course of the series.



  • The Rainbow Buddies: All Stories in One



  • Janine is the only child who dosen't have a French accent. His American accent is similar to Paul "Hector" Button and Fred "Robbie" Button.
  • Janine is the blonde curly hair child with light skin is it fat or skinny, it is fat like Vicki.
  • Janine is voiced by aslyon court the same voice actress as Nona or does Janine sound like dawn from care bears movie 2
  • Janine's hair turned blonde and his skin changed lighter in 2006 Janine makes a resemblance to crumbelina di caramello a charcter from weck it ralph.
  • Janine's skin looks darker and her hair is darker too she has a smurf named grouchy Janine loves grouchy his song is vaction by girl.

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