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Vital statistics
Title Madeline
Gender Female
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Madeline is the smallest girl. She is the bravest and the only girl who balances on the bridge. She is strong and brave. She is the only girl who has red hair. Despite being adorable and very beautiful, she can be a very upbeat and sometimes can cause mischief. It is also believed Pepito, The Spanish Ambassador's son, has a crush on her. She was also saved from drowning by the once stray dog Genevieve, who soon became Madeline's pet. She is roughly 5 years old Whenever the girls are afraid of a tiger Madeline just says "Pooh Pooh". She had her appendix removed in the first book. Her parents died from a heart disease which made her an orphan. According to the last book that Ludwig Bemelmans published entitled:

Madeline in America and other Holiday Tales, her full name is Madeline Fogg and she was the one who will inherit her Great Grandfather's huge fortune and riches.

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