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Madeline Fogg
NAOM Madeline 1
Madeline in The New Adventures of Madeline
Full name Madeline Fogg
Nickname(s) Thumbelina (by Leopold in the film)
Gender Female
Relatives Unnamed parents and two siblings
Friend(s) All the girls, Pepito, Miss Clavel, Genevieve, Lord Cucuface, Giselle
Status Alive
First appearance The Golden Basket (1936; cameo appearance)
Madeline (1939)
Last appearance Madeline and the Old House in Paris (2013)
Portrayed by Hatty Jones (1998 film)
Marsha Moreau (original specials)
Tracey-Lee Smyth (Animated Series, Season 1)
Andrea Libman (season 2-3, Lost in Paris)
Chantel Strand (My Fair Madeline, Madeline in Tahiti)
Madeline Fogg is the cute and very beautiful protagonist and the title character of the Madeline series.

Personality and attributesEdit

Despite being the smallest in her class, she is the bravest among them - this was shown multiple times throughout the series and in the spin-off media, when she stood in front of the tiger saying "Pooh, Pooh!", and when she had her appendix removed, proudly showing it to her classmates while she was recuperating at a hospital. In spite of her small stature and apparent innocence, Madeline has a penchant for mischief, often making Miss Clavel nervous of her and the other students' well-being, though this has considerably been toned down in the animated series, being portrayed as more proper and obedient. While initially indifferent if not outright hostile towards Pepito at first, the two did develop an amicable relationship afterwards. Contrary to popular belief, she is not portrayed as an orphan in the original series, nor is the boarding school an orphanage; the 1998 film as well as Lost in Paris depicted her as such, adding to the confusion. The original book explicitly states the dollhouse as coming from her Papa, and she is seen with her parents and two siblings in Madeline’s Christmas, although perhaps she was adopted at some point prior to Madeline's Christmas: In Madeline in America and other Holiday Tales, it is revealed that her full name is Madeline Fogg and she is the one who will inherit her Great Grandfather's huge fortunes. In a 2014 interview with John Bemelmans-Marciano, it was also revealed that Madeline was originally American, upon discovering several manuscripts and sketches for the then-unpublished book.


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