Madeline's Holiday With Mr. Grump is the last episode in Season 2 of Madeline (series).


When Miss Clavel gets called away from the Old House to care for her sick aunt, Celine, Lord Cucuface replaces her with Mr. Grump, who is more of a drill sergeant than headmaster. He makes the girls take down the Christmas decorations, get up very early in the morning, and polish every knife and fork. At night, the girls run away, hoping to locate Miss Clavel, who is spending Christmas Eve with them.

On Christmas Day, the girls forgive the headmaster for treating them badly, and they put on their puppet show to raise money and help their neighbor Monsieur Benet so he won't have to move away. At night, the girls call their headmaster "Gramp", and he says that tomorrow's walk is at their usual time, 9:30a.m. He also suggests that they build snowmen.


  • Madeline
  • The eleven girls
  • Miss Clavel
  • Lord Cucuface
  • Pepito
  • Mr. Grump
  • Ambassador (doesn't speak)
  • Ambassadress (doesn't speak)
  • Monsieur Benet
  • Professor Windbag (doesn't speak)
  • Dr. Cohn
  • Celine (doesn't speak)
  • Ludwig (doesn't speak)
  • Genevieve
  • Detective Moreau (doesn't speak)


"We Love the Holidays"


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