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What's new on Madeline Wiki

18 June 2017 - Admins needed.
Haven't looked into this site in quite a while, and upon taking another peek, I am sorely disappointed at how messed up some of the content is, with editors adding unnecessary and sometimes bizarre fluff on character pages. Clearly there's something that needs to be done, and thus I do need another admin skilled enough to either fill in or collab with yours truly. ~ Blake
24 October 2015 - Another day, another wiki under my belt.
I know I've been super-busy lately with various commitments both IRL and online, but I thought maybe this wiki needs some TLC as it is in a rather sorry state. So much that there's made-up junk and other flat-out nonsense littering the wiki. Sure enough, the books is something of a niche series, but how come no one even thought rescuing this from the proverbial River Seine? ~ Blake

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Featured article

Aggie Walden

Aggie shows her concern towards her best friend.

Featured media

Madeline's Christmas Family Scene

Madeline Fogg together with her parents and siblings in Madeline's Christmas.

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