Madeline at Cooking School is an episode in Season 1 of Madeline.

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On a rainy day, Mrs. Murphy, the cook, comes down with the flu, so the girls (and their friend Pepito) must make lunch for Lord Cucuface. Unfortunately, the food they make turns out to be nasty, so he enrolls the children in cooking school.

After various mishaps, the children finally get the hang of French cooking, but on the last day, Madeline does not get her diploma because she gave her chicken to a hungry boy and girl. However, she ends up getting one from Miss Clavel because she did a good deed.

On another day, Lord Cucuface comes to the Old House for lunch again, and the girls make him (and three women) plain cheese sandwiches.


  • Madeline
  • Miss Clavel
  • Eleven girls
  • Pepito
  • Lord Cucuface
  • Mrs. Murphy (doesn't speak)
  • Dr. Cohn (doesn't speak)
  • Chef Flambé
  • Hungry children


  • In this episode, the girls and Miss Clavel do not leave the house at 9:30am (their usual time). Instead, they leave at 12:09pm.

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