TNAM Monique
Vital Statistics
Name Monique
Gender Female
First Episode Appearance Madeline
Voice Actress  Chantal Strand

Monique is one of the 12 little girls.


Monique is a French girl with long brown hair in a flip style and light orange skin (hair appears to be pink until season 3).



  • She was the one who caused the trouble in the episode "Madeline and the New Girl" because of her "wacky" imagination.
  • She actually kept a comic book which is unknown to Miss Clavel. Also in the same episode it is shown that she can be a bit paranoid at times.
  • In Madeline on Stage, she and Sylvie were the ones who caused all the boycotting shenanigans.
  • In Madeline and the Can Can Cliques she was in the Homemade Hat Club along with Lulu, Nona, Chloe, Ellie and Danielle.
  • Her favorite railroad in America is the New York Central, and her favorite type of engine on that particular railroad is the 4-6-4 Hudson, of which no NYC Hudsons survive. She has often lamented the fact that none survived into preservation, and she holds a personal grudge against the late Alfred Perlman for retiring and scrapping all of the NYC Hudsons and 4-8-4 Niagaras. Most railfans do. Just sayin'.