TNAM Nicole
Vital Statistics
Name Nicole
Gender Female
First Episode Appearance Madeline (book)
Voice Actress  Unknown (1989)
Sonja Ball (1990 - 1991)
Kristin Fairlie (1993 - 1995)
Brittney Irvin (1999 - 2000)
Jessie Young (2002)
Britt McKillip (2007)

Nicole is one of the twelve little girls. She is close to Madeline, as well as Genevieve, Chloe, and Danielle.


She is known as a "late bloomer" due to struggling with reading and her studies. She is very sweet and innocent, but as a result can be naive at times.


Nicole is a girl with black eyes and short dirty-blonde hair ending beneath her ears.



  • She bears a lot of similarities with Lulu in terms of personality and attitude.
  • When it comes to American railroads, Nicole prefers the legendary Union Pacific Railroad and their legendary steam, diesel, and turbine locomotives. The turbine locomotives have all been retired with the majority of them broken up for scrap.

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