1991-10-14 - Madeline Episode 5, Madeline and the Gypsies 2150
Pepito in the animated series.
Full name José Marco Filippo Juan Franloco Lopez de Vega Esteban Machado Jorge Santiago de la Rocha Gaspar Carlos de Fuentes Coruna Diego y Sevilla
Nickname(s) Bad Hat
Gender Male
Relatives Spanish Ambassador (Father)
Unnamed mother (Called "Carmen" in the film) Pablito (cousin)
Friend(s) All the girls, Madeline Fogg, Miss Clavel
Status Alive
First appearance Madeline and the Bad Hat (1956)
Portrayed by Kristian De La Osa (1998 film)

Pepito is a supporting character in the Madeline series, and the girls' next-door neighbor.


The son of the Spanish Ambassadors he is roughly the same age as the girls, has dark hair and often wears a red shirt with white sleeves. While initially cruel to animals and indifferent towards Madeline and her classmates, he had a change of heart and vowed never to hurt a single animal after being mauled by a pack of dogs during a failed attempt at provoking them on a cat. Eventually he developed an amicable relationship with the girls.

Film renditionEdit

WARNING: The following information is not considered canon. Please see the talk page for more info.

In the live-action film, Pepito appears to be somewhat older than the girls and in place of a "hat" he drives a Vespa.[1] Unlike in the books and the TV series, where he reforms after one of his mischievous pranks goes wrong, he appears to reform sometime during/after the scene where the girls pull various pranks.

Madeline hugging Pepito
Pepito & Madeline Fogg
Pepito attacked by dogs
Miss Clavel, Madeline and Pepito

lso has a "tutor" in the film, who turned out to be his kidnapper. He loves being fancy and wearing his red fancy clothes and ntto do fashion shows and tea parties with the twelve girls. He is mean sometimes but he is also a good friend


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. The "Vespa" in the film actually refers to a Terrot VMS scooter.

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