Sugar Dimples is a supporting character in the Madeline animated series, appearing as a child actress from Hollywood. Sugar is a reference to the 1930s child actress Shirley Temple.


Sugar was initially naughty, snobbish and bratty towards other people, but it is later revealed in Madeline in Hollywood that she suffers from a lack of friends and minor depression. Sugar later reformed and befriended Madeline, occasionally joining her and the other girls--and sometimes Pepito--in their adventures both in the United States and France.


  • Whilst Sugar Dimples is based upon Shirley Temple, Temple herself had actually produced a Madeline adaptation in an episode of The Shirley Temple Show.
  • Like Pepito, Sugar has some qualities in common with Thomas1Edward2Henry3's fan character, Crovan (based on 87546, one of the two horrid engines--the other being 98462, aka Alfred by the Thomas fandom--from the "Railway Series" books) before he fully reformed in T1E2H3's two-part special, "The Most Famous Engine." Both are very arrogant, egotistical, spiteful, stuck-up, disrespectful, and rude to the protagonists when they're first introduced, and both have foul tempers. Something else they have in common is a very serious issue both in fiction and reality: Depression. Underneath all of Sugar's anger and hostility is a little girl who just wants to be happy and have fun every now and then. Crovan suffers depression because he feels that, while everyone else is happy, he's about as gloomy as Eeyore. He got into a habit or boasting, and before he knew it, he became a big puffed-up balloon. The reason why both characters are unhappy is because their minds are not in the right place. For what it seems to one editor on this site, they are feeling bored with life. They have the most important jobs in their respective roles, and they've just become so anticlimactic after a while. So, they feel depressed.