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Vital Statistics
Name Sylvie
Gender Female
Vegetable/Fruit Cucumber
First Episode Appearance The Story of Madeline
Voice Actress 

Sylvie (short for "Simeon") is one of the 12 girls.


Sylvie (short for "Syvlvia") is one of the 12 girls. She is a bossy like yvette but is her best friend that marks her appearances in her very first animated movie Madeline lost in Paris  she does not have speaking role but singing role


She is the tallest and bossiest of all the girls, despite being friendly. It is revealed in Madeline's Valentine that her favorite treats are sugar cookies, which she also received from Miss Clavel.

In the episode when it is Valentines Day she gets her valentine of Miss Clavel.

She and Monique are actually the ones who started the boycottings in Madeline on Stage as they are frustrated that they didn't receive the roles they were expecting. In Madeline on North Pole, she is the only one who knows what's written in Madeline's wishlist and accidentally dicouraged Madeline in making the wishes in her wishlist come true.


Sylvie is the tallest french girl  with long light brown hair and peach skin (which used to be short light brown hair and light skin).we Sylvie was going to voiced by a  child actress



  • The Rainbow Buddies: All Stories in One



  • Like both Nona and Anne, She resembles a cucumber. The same model as Larry the Cucumber.
  • She is like the girl Vicki from the 1998 film.
  • Vicki is bossy and snobbish and horrible to Madeline, but they become friends in the end.
  • She never appears in the 1998 film.
  • She has light or medium skin, long brown hair or olive green.
  • Sylvie is friendly but sometimes she is bossy and snobbish like Vicki.
  • In Madeline's Valentines, she was the first to suggest that Geneveive isn't worthy of their love and care anymore.

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