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Vital Statistics
Name Yvette
Gender Female
First Episode Appearance Madeline
Voice Actress  Chantal Strand

Yvette is one of the twelve little girls.


Yvette is snooty and self-centered. She enjoys showing off to the point of boasting and is rude to the other girls when they get tired of her foolishness. She even encouraged them to act the same. She believes herself to be beautiful and feels that nothing in the entire cosmos could ruin that--even after the girls put red paint into her hairbrush. She is also dismissive of others who disagree with her and puts down others when they get more attention than her.

She can be vain and bossy at times (similar to James the Red Engine from Thomas & Friends as both are very arrogant, snooty, self-centered, vain, and stubborn) and enjoys spending her time simply admiring herself in the mirror--occasionally a handheld variant. Like Danielle, she adores fashion, and she is one of the only girls to actually admire Sugar Dimples before the others get to know her.


Yvette is a little French girl with blonde (originally orange) hair. In the original specials, she had golden hair.



  • Yvette is the only girl with blonde hair.
  • Her best friend is Chloe--in Season 3 ONLY.
  • Yvette's favorite color is blue.
  • In Madeline and the Show Off, she even tried to flirt with Pepito to get him to take a copy of her self-titled newspaper, "The Daily Yvette." This backfired on Yvette, though, as Pepito hid behind a tree and out of Yvette's way before she had the opportunity to talk to him. Some people have speculated that Yvette only attempted to flirt with Pepito to get under Madeline's skin and annoy her.
  • She is Madeline's rival--of sorts.
  • She's not exactly the nicest girl, being somewhat of a bully and whatnot.